Staked Mushrooms


These unique, steel mushrooms are a fantastic addition to a quiet corner of the garden. With a squiggly stem and a cap with hot-forge texturing, they bring the earthy magic of mushrooms to contemporary steelwork.

A square taper on the bottom helps them slide into flower beds and around the edge of lawns. Ideal as a gift for the avid gardener in your life, and a fantastic accessory to spruce up your garden

Size Guide:
Maxi - 12cm diameter, 40-50cm height (approx.)
Medium - 8cm cup diameter, 25-40cm height (approx.)
Mini - 5cm cup diameter, 15-25 cm height (approx.)

The set of three option includes ONE of each size, and can be interchanged with the staked mushrooms also; if you would like a variation of staked and standing, please specify size and stand/stake at checkout

Please note, all items are hand-forged and therefore will vary from the photographs
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