Samhain (Halloween) Hanging Decorations


A collection of autumn based decorations for those who love the spooky season

Witches Bell
Witches bells can be used around the home to provide protection from unwanted guests. It's said that a Witch Bell will ring when a spirit passes by it, alerting someone to the presence of potential evil.

Believed to have magical properties, the pentagram dates back as far as 3500BC. Often confused as a Satanist symbol, when it has been used by Christianity, Judaism and Ancient Babylonians throughout its history. The pentagram remains a symbol of spirituality and harmony, divine knowledge, helping to guard you from negative energy and maintain a clear and calm mind and home.

Horned God
Potentially mistaken for the devil, the Horned God is sometimes seen in Wicca, as the consort of The Triple Goddess; he is associated with nature, wilderness, sexuality, hunting, and the life cycle. This decoration is a stylised representation of the traditional symbol of a perfect circle topped by a crescent moon which looks much like a bull's horns.

All Hallows' Eve Peel
All Hallows' Eve, more modernly known as Halloween, is one of three nights used to celebrate and remember the dead across many faiths; displayed on a "fruit peel" as a celebration of the harvest season and the indulgent upcoming winter holidays and the needed spice and zest of a fruit.

Please note, all items are hand-forged and therefore will vary from the photographs
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