Moggy Mirror #1


This is a vintage rectangular repurposed mirror with a hand-forged steel frame

Victorian Woodland Mirror - Moggy Mirror Collection #1

Showcasing organic squiggle details in varying stock sizes, capturing the playful chaos found in the wilderness of natures flora in the everlasting material of steel

Including mini mushrooms and toadstools, peering into the mirror transports you into a world of faeries, sprites and witches; the fluidity of nature and it's awe-inspiring power taking over the space of a window into a different time and fantasy

Finished with a graphite wax for a blackened finish, and sealed with lacquer for long-lasting wear. A wooden back board has been fitted and painted to match, and all components have been bonded with silicone for a flexible seal which allows for minute swelling and jostles

With the intention that every mirror is unique and one-of-a-kind, these mirrors being repurposed means that they bring interesting shapes and frames to the experience, challenging me and making it fun for me as a maker

Category Large Works