Grill Press


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It's a beautiful summer evening. You're craving that chargrilled flavour that only comes from a barbecue...

Enter the Moggy Metals Grill Press

Great for smashing patties, searing steaks and grilling haloumi, these presses weigh in at 1kg, evenly distributing heat across the whole surface for that mouth-watering caramelised sear

At 15cm by 10cm flat plate, it provides maximum contact and can be pre-heated on the grill for quicker cooking, making it perfect for large gatherings with lots of hungry people to show that you are Commander of the Cookout

The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in the hand leaving room for safety mits and keeps the knuckles well clear of the hot plate

Comes in our squignature food safe wax mixed by us, providing a protective barrier between metal and meat*

*personalised stamped flat plates available to order*

*Available in a Beeswax or Soywax finish for Vegan-Friendly BBQ-ing*

Sent with Beeswax finish as Standard, please request Soywax at checkout if desired
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