Hand-forged coasters with a hammer finish and beveled edges. Stylish, minimalist, and sleek, these coasters are a great gift to accompany your favourite craft ale or cider.

100mm or 4" square approx. size may vary minutely due to the nature of the forging process

The tempered coasters show off some beautiful colours with blue, gold and purple hues that shine in the light. 

The blackened coasters are a traditional silky grey-black colour that are a great talking point, and a fab opportunity for bragging rights.

Gift set includes 2 coasters with a squiggle bottle opener as standard in both the tempered and the blackened sets - please specify if you'd like a different one.

Finished with a high-grade lacquer finish means they're water and spill-resistant, making them long-lasting and favourite addition to a table. They are also fitted with small cork feet, for protection against scratches and also to prevent them from sticking after spillages.

Please note, all items are hand-forged and therefore will vary from the photographs
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