Blacksmithing Session 5-hour


Ever dreamed about what it's like to be a blacksmith for a whole day? Then this is the session for you!

This 5-hour long session includes the lighting of the coals in the morning, where you'll be taught how and why your blacksmith uses the fuels she does. Following that you'll do a warm up forging, to get yourself into the swing of things - pun intended.

Once you're lit up and warmed up, you'll spend the remainder of the day, working on your own whole project! These include, a full set of cheese tools, a 2 or 3-piece fireside tool set, a set of garden mushrooms, a 2 or 3 piece garden tool set, or up to 6 small/large individual products to make throughout the session.

Lunch, snacks and hot and cold drinks are provided throughout the day, and you'll finish your day with a very dusty photo opportunity and a FREE personalised gift made by the Moggy Metals Blacksmith herself!

You can bring one person with you as a guest who is welcome to take photos. Sessions are available on most Wednesdays and Sundays, starting January 2022, please see calendar for available dates.

- This session is for persons 18 years and over
- All gift vouchers are valid for 18months from purchase, and the code should be used at the checkout
- Once booked, you will be contacted to confirm your date, as well as the appropriate information regarding your session
-Please specify your preferred date when ordering by filling in the comments page at the checkout
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