Moggy Metals

A brief look into me and my business - if your curiosity isn't satisfied then the contact form is here

Image © Martha Rose Photography

My name is Imogen, and I am Moggy Metals. I am a blacksmith based in Staffordshire, and I craft beautifully functional objects from mild steel.

All my products are designed to be used, whilst keeping the texture and character of hand-forged steel. I encourage you to touch and interact with them and own a piece of useful art that will compliment your home.

I make in batches, and like kitten litters they all vary in colour, texture and size, making every product unique. Moggy Metals exists not just to sell my art but to connect people through the love of hand-made work.

The latter comes from the contorted hazel outside of my bedroom window, and my early work was obviously referencing this. This plant displayed playfulness and freedom of movement; it looks chaotic but has in fact been made with deliberate control. 'Squiggles' very quickly became a theme and by the end of the three years, I had a 'Squignature' style.

Moggy Metals as a name came from two key factors; My love for cats, especially their playfulness and elegance, which are qualities I aim to capture in my work. And ‘Moggy’ is the nickname my sister has given me, and nothing else felt right.

Image  © Martha Rose Photography

I have always enjoyed playing with changing how objects are used. As a child there was never a moment where I wasn't making something - even if it was just a mess. I’ve always loved being near a fire, like a cat in winter; add to that the desire to work hard and physically manipulate a material and the journey to becoming Moggy Metals began…

After exploring different crafts and art throughout my education, I discovered blacksmithing and chose a degree in artist blacksmithing in 2016. During my degree at Hereford College of Arts, I learnt the traditional blacksmithing techniques, the chemistry and the physics behind the material, as well as my design aesthetic.

I intend for Moggy Metals to continue making functional artwork for the home and garden. I want my art to be used regularly and for people to love and enjoy using my products, as much as I loved designing and making them.